[Architecture] GPII-30 work pushed to all 3 repositories

Yura Zenevich yura.zenevich at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 09:33:27 EDT 2012

Thanks Antranig for pushing those pull requests in.

I just wanted to mention a couple of examples of how components can be initialized and configured using the new architecture structure.

Any component (or a group of components) can be started now through running the same JavaScript file that can be found here:

This file needs to be run with the following command:

[NODE_ENV] node path/to/gpiiFramework/init.js pathToSomeConfigDirectory

pathToSomeConfigDirectory - a path to a directory that contains one or more configuration files to run.
NODE_ENV - an optional environment variable to run the application in (default value is "development").

The init script will look up and run a configuration file in the config directory that corresponds to the value of the NODE_ENV variable (by default - "someConfigDirectory/development.json")

As Antranig mentioned, configuration can contain any number of architecture components that are now treated as apps deployed on any number of separate node server instances. Here are some examples:

A simple one app one server configuration to run preferences server as a standalone:

A two app (preferences server and solutions registry) one server configuration:

The following configuration deploys all components in the architecture under one server:

Hope this helps,


On 2012-08-29, at 1:32 AM, Antranig Basman wrote:

> I've just now pushed a matched set of changes to our three repositories, universal, windows, and linux, representing a long-term branch of work pursued by Yura in enhancing the modularity of our architecture. In particular, our most complex component, the FlowManager, has now been moved over to the "gpii.app" model that has previously been used successfully on our smaller components such as the solutions and preferences registries.
> This is an important step for one of the main deliverables of GPII, an architecture which allows the modules to be freely mixed and matched between different locations, including multiple or single servers in the cloud, as well as on the user's own machine.
> People working on the codebase or deploying it should update all of their repositories in step for this change. There should be no changes to overall workflow since the existing gpii.js driver files have been retained in the architecture-specific directories - however, an existing driver named "TestDriver" within the universal repository has been removed. Please consult the readme file for the FlowManager in order to find out the alternative ways of firing up the architecture using the new init.js universal loading scheme.
> Thanks to Yura for his tenacious hard work on this branch over the last few weeks,
> Thanks,
> Antranig
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