[Architecture] DBus Bridge for Node.js

Javier Hernández Antúnez jhernandez at emergya.com
Tue Aug 28 08:44:09 EDT 2012

2012/8/28 Kasper Galschiot Markus <kasper at raisingthefloor.org>:
> Hi Javier,
> Sorry for not commenting sooner!! This is really, really awesome and is
> gonna be great to get pulled into the main linux repo.. It is gonna be
> hugely powerful and useful for linux!!

Thanks Kasper, I hope so! :]

> I haven't had time myself to try it out live, and not sure anyone else from
> the architecture team has either, as we've all been busy fixing, cleaning up
> and extending the architecture code (and working on other parts of C4A)...
> But once you feel it's in a state where it can be pulled into the main linux
> repo, you can do a pull request on github, and one of us will review it.
> This is usually also when questions, opinions and comments are given..


> Anyway, just wanted to apologize for not reacting sooner! This is very
> awesome indeed and a big boost to the possibilities of how C4A/GPII can
> interact with Linux!!

No problem, I know that you're busy with other stuff, so, each thing
at its time ;)


> Looking forward to having this merged with the master repo!
> ~Kasper
> On 8/14/12 5:24 PM, Javier Hernández Antúnez wrote:
>> Hi all!
>> As I said in Linz, I started to work on a DBus bridge for Node.js and
>> today I'm able to share my first working prototype with you.
>> As a brief resume, we needed a mechanism for to deal with some
>> applications and/or in runtime, and the common mechanism in GNU/Linux
>> based systems is called DBus [1].
>> Two (already demonstrable) use cases could be:
>> - Enable/disable captions for a video which is already being reproduced.
>> - Change GNOME Shell default behaviour and/or appearance by using
>> extensions.
>> I have this code into a personal branch in github [2] and I've
>> attached a test which does basically four things.
>> 1.- Enable magnifier
>> 2.- Disable magnifier
>> Nothing new here, just dealing with the magnifier but using DBus
>> And now, the awesome new stuff:
>> 3.- Install a remote extension in GNOME Shell (you need to click on "yes")
>> 4.- Uninstall the extension
>> You can start to play with it, and I'll be happy to accept changes
>> before landing GPII/linux/master if needed. I already know that I'm
>> missing the full integration within the Cloud4All stack, but I'll need
>> a few days for to finish this.
>> So .... opinions? questions? ideas? ...
>> Cheers!
>> [1]: http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/dbus
>> [2]: https://github.com/javihernandez/linux/tree/dbusBridge
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