[Architecture] Profiles and existing users' mapping

Papakyriakopoulos George gpapakyriakopoulos at singularlogic.eu
Tue Aug 28 04:51:17 EDT 2012

Hi Colin,

I am afraid the XML is difficult to be restructured as generic functions are used to read from it.

Best regards,

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Hey Kasper and George,

On 2012-07-19, at 10:39 AM, Kasper Galschiot Markus wrote:
> We encountered a big issue though - taking a snippet of the settings that we want to change:
>     <Sociable.Launcher.Properties.Settings>
>       <setting name="GameResources" serializeAs="String">
>         <value>C:\Sociable\Games\Resources</value>
>       </setting>
>       <setting name="Resources" serializeAs="String">
>         <value>C:\Sociable\Games\Resources\Launcher</value>
>       </setting>
>       <setting name="AutoLogin" serializeAs="String">
>         <value>0</value>
>       </setting>
>       (...)
>     </Sociable.Launcher.Properties.Settings>
> This cannot be handled by the current XML implementation, because we have a set of <setting ...> blocks, that are indistinguishable unless you look at it's parameter 'name'. There is currently no way to express this in the EL notation used by the XML settings handler. What we would need is some way to tell which <setting .. > block we refer to.. For example:
> Sociable\\.Launcher\\.Properties\\.Settings.setting[name=Resources].value.$t
> Which would refer to C:\Sociable\Games\Resources\Launcher in the above code snippet
> This is a blocking issue for CERTH to properly implement the Microsoft Surface and as well for setting all the settings for Read Write Gold.

Yes, this is an interesting issue. It sounds like we need to do a bit more work to define a common mapping between JSON structures and XML (and back again), and then either 1) use model transformation to adapt between variations in structure or 2) have some kind of pluggable strategy in the XMLSettings handler to binding EL path segments to attributes and elements within the XML.

George, if this is a blocking issue, is it possible for you to restructure your XML settings file? It's not a long-term solution, and I wouldn't want to make any extra work for you, but if it's easy to do it would allow you to integrate fully.

Kasper, how does Read & Write Gold fit into this? My understanding was that Gavin and Yura were able to assemble a pretty nicely functioning integration of RWG with the XMLSettingsHandler. Am I mistaken?


Colin Clark
Technical Lead, Fluid Project

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