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In yesterday's architecture call, I referred to the AEGIS personas, which are available under Creative Commons licence: <http://www.aegis-project.eu/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=63&Itemid=53> (and based on user research, of course).
I have now also looked at the WSIS_Matrix.xlsx spreadsheet to see which AEGIS personas would match with what you have in the spreadsheet:
* low vision (moderate): possibly Märta Hansson (macular degeneration; uses magnification, i.e. Zoomtext, and speech output).
* low vision (severe): no good match; Mikel Vargas (severe motor problems) and Nitesh Sarin (dyslexic, colour blind) also use magnification, but not with a high magnification level.
* child with physical disability; headpointer/voice (no hands operation): the AEGIS personas do not include children; personas with severe motor problems are Mikel Vargas and Jane Brown (cerebral palsy).
* blind: Paulina Reyes.

* elder person US - Cog/mem: no exact match: Peter Vandezande (63 years old, multiple sclerosis; memory loss; reduced dexterity), Adam Ljung (21 years old, learning disability), Wayne Edwards (52 years old, global aphasia; short term memory loss); none of them lives in the US.

* Farmer Sudan, lang/literacy: AEGIS has no personas from Africa; there are personas with "slight cognitive limitations", i.e. Adam Ljung (learning disability), Nitesh Sarin (dyslexia) and Peter Vandezande (memory loss) and personas with aphasia, i.e. Carlos Portillo (moderate aphasia; paraphasia) and Wayne Edwards.

* deaf/heard of hearing: Tomasa Almaraz (deaf); Edward Hodgins (moderate hearing loss).

You can find other personas with disabilities at <http://curbcut.net/accessibility/personas-of-persons-with-disabilities/>and <http://www.uiaccess.com/accessucd/personas_eg.html>.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,


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>Hey all,
>As usual, meeting notes below (from 2012-04-25):
>	* Individual updates
>	* State of the Union
>	* WSIS Demo Tasks and Deliverables
>	* SettingsHandler payload redux
>	* Overview of new Flow Manager
>	* Working with Yura on the new request architecture
>	* Review and build Boyan’s USB listenerBoyan
>	* Setup details for WSIS demo - Windows part
>	* Started the implementation of the SystemParametersInfo settings handlerColin
>	* Worked with Kasper on planning task and deliverables for the WSIS demo (http://wiki.gpii.net/index.php/WSIS_Planning#Todo)
>	* Working on Floe, so that UIOptions are working for the WSIS demoKasper
>	* Trying to figure out what’s the remaining work
>	* Profiles going in the test directory in github - will do pull requests for thatSteven
>	* gsettings to follow the payloads on the wiki - pull request
>	* add unit test once the jqUnit pull request is mergedYura
>	* Refactoring the Flow manager architecture - working at the integration testingChristophe (introduction)
>	* Working in Studdgart with Prof. Zimmermann, working on matchmaking
>State of the Union
>	* GSettingsHandler tweaks (for solutions keeping their settings at different locations)
>	* Refactor gsettingsLaunchHandler to lifecycleHandler APIUniversal
>	* Matchmaker bugs
>	* doesn't match on application-specific blocks
>	* doesn't match on subsets of capabilitiesWindows
>	* SPI settings handler
>	* Integration of registry settings handler (pull request 1 for windows)
>WSIS Demo Tasks and Deliverables
>	* Go through each of the solution/personas - figure out the values
>	* Do a screenshot with the settings for each persona applied
>	* Create the profiles based on these settings
>	* Figure out the missing settings and launch handlers
>	* Android phone will be a demonstration only
>New Flow Manager
>	* https://github.com/yzen/universal/tree/master/gpii/node_modules/flowManager/src
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